Gulten Kisanak: "We Kurds will make you Turks pay for your Crime" ENGLISH

Ajoutée le 29 avr. 2016

Gulten Kisanak, Kurdish MP from HPD party said it loudly and clear to the faces of the Turkish MP in Turkish Parliament for their crime and Genocide against the Kurdish population in occupied North Kurdistan; "We Kurds live in Kurdistan, and no matter how many Genocide you commit against us, we will always stay here and are getting stronger by day and we will make you pay for your Crime".

Gültan Kışanak

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Gültan Kışanak (born 15 June 1961, ElâzığTurkey) is a Kurdish politician of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) in Turkey.

Studying journalism at Ege UniversityIzmir, she worked as a journalist for various newspapers. She has been Project Consultant in Diyarbakır and Municipal Coordinator for many projects. She is married with one child.


She stood successfully as an independent in the 2007 parliamentary elections in Turkey and is now an MP for Diyarbakır. During the campaign she was quoted as saying "This election is important because Turkey is at the crossroads. Either it is going to opt for developing democratic alternatives or will bring the oppressive policies back on to the agenda. We are hoping for the democratic forces to come out of these elections much stronger and help to establish the options of democracy dialog and peace. We'll search for solutions not in violence, but in parliament."[1]


She featured in the 2008 film “What a beautiful democracy” about the struggle of Turkish women running for parliament.[2] At the beginning of 2009 it was reported that she had prepared a bill to enable the Kurdish language to be used in the public space.[3][4]

In 2014 she was elected first female mayor of Diyarbakır.

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